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My business and their service fit like a glove.

I like the fact that there are no long term agreements. I work on my own pace.

It is a shrewd method to oversee travel expenses and monitor every one of my costs. It truly makes my life a lot simpler now that my VA is taking care of it.

The customer support level is the best I've seen from the Philippines ;)

Thanks so much for doing a great job!! Our VA is on point.

I like that my VA keeps me abreast via instant messenger.

OMG this turned out stunningly better than I had envisioned! I love my VA :) Easy platform to use, extremely good team of workers and nothing but incredible results!

One specific word rings a bell while depicting my experience: smooth

We worked with YOU to upgrade our productivity, and we couldn't be more joyful with our choice!

You folks!!! This is incredible. It's excellent and great… needed to react by saying the amount I love it.

Seamless experience!!!

I know our inhouse appointment setters were great, but for the amount of money we are spending with you, it's way cost effective and more prospects are reached.

I like that I can scale and grow my coaching business within your organization without having to outlay crazy expenses.

I like that you guys dont force bonuses on us to give to the VA's and that its at our discretion. Thanks!!

I liked the fact that I could spend the time training the agents once and without having to retrain if the agent has a backup.

I feel bad for replacing my inhouse team. At this rate, I ll have my 4th VA very shortly.

A Business Owner’s Best Friend

Whether you need an appointment setter, lead caller, virtual receptionist, customer service rep, data entry, social media posting, or remote admin, it is still only $8/hour. Our agents are making a significant impact on businesses from a variety of industries within a diverse range of roles:

Real Estate Firms

Save time and money with a virtual assistant. Your virtual assistant will help grow your business without the added expense of an in-house assistant. Let your virtual assistant assist you with managing your busy schedule, updating your listings, and organizing your inbox so you can deal with the important stuff.

Medical/Dental Practice

Let your virtual assistant free you from the administrative, operational, and daily clerical tasks so that you can focus on taking care of your patients and growing your practice.

Mortgage Brokers

Time is money and there isn’t always enough time or money to go around. A virtual assistant can help. Free up some of your time by delegating tasks to your virtual assistant to ensure meetings are managed, reports and financials are updated, and that the rest of your team is apprised of status updates.

Legal Firms

Whether you’re an established law firm or just starting out, you may be trying to do everything yourself in order to make ends meet and grow. While that approach makes sense isn’t sustainable over the long term. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to focus on practicing law and growing your legal practice.


Direct contact, email, phone, and text

Virtual Assistants

YourGoodCall provides virtual assistants to both companies and individual professionals. We have clients that are real estate professionals, adjusters, insurance agents, lawyers, and many other various professionals that use our agents as virtual secretaries, virtual assistants and virtual receptionists who make and take calls on their behalf with a mix of admin tasks.

YourGoodCall loves making our clients’ lives easier and our virtual assistants specialize in doing so.

Save on overhead, headaches, and hassle without compromising quality.


YourGoodCall is proud to say that our specialty is B2B telemarketing. When we call prospects on behalf of our clients, we have a goal in mind. That goal is to prove ourselves to our clients so that we can help their business grow and at the same time, further develop our relationship with them.

Upon request, YourGoodCall can schedule interviews with multiple candidates for our clients before allowing them to decide who they see best fit to fulfill their vacancies.

Start growing your business and reducing overhead with Your good call

Customer Service

YourGoodCall has agents that are trained to handle inbound requests revolving around customer service. Our agents are trained to always handle customer tickets or issues in a professional and diligent manner.

Our customer service representatives make sure to always keep a high standard of etiquette in their communications with the customers of our clients. They know they are representing the face of our clients when on the job, so they always make sure to work accordingly.

  • A real human assistant
  • Backup assistants
  • Delegate via email and text
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Data Entry

Say goodbye to tedious manual data input and let our skilled professionals handle the task for you. From organizing spreadsheets to inputting crucial information, our virtual assistants ensure accuracy and timeliness, leaving you with more time to focus on strategic decision-making. Experience the power of streamlined data entry processes by signing up for a virtual assistant today.

Flexible plans to fit any workload - No Contracts or Commitments


40 hours over 1 week of phone & online support.
which is $8/hr
Remote Administration
Virtual Assistant
Appointment Setting
Inbound Calling
Outbound Calling
One-Time Activation: $67
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2x Caller

80 hours over 2 weeks of phone & online support.
$600/2 wks
which is $7.50/hr
Remote Administration
Virtual Assistant
Appointment Setting
Inbound Calling
Outbound Calling
One-Time Activation: $67
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40 hours over 1 week of online support (no phone).
which is $7.70/hr
40hrs of lite task work
Virtual Assistant
Data Entry
Repetitive Task Work
No Calling
One-Time Activation: $47
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How are the Virtual Assistants chosen and vetted?
All Virtual Assistants undergo a full background check. Plus fully vetted to make sure their experience in the call center space is adequate.
How are the Virtual Assistants trained?
All Virtual Assistants are trained by our team for basic administrative tasks that clients need help with. Clients are an integral part of the training process as everyone is accustomed to their own style.
Will multiple Virtual Assistants help me, or just one person?
You’ll be working with one dedicated Virtual Assistant. That means just one point of contact and one relationship. This person will do 95% of the work you need done. But, when there’s something unique that they’re not an expert in, they’ll reach out to you for guidance and support.
Where are the Virtual Assistants based out of?
Our Virtual Assistants are based out of the Philippines. Filipino Virtual Assistants are loyal, talented, and cost-effective. This is the reason why so many companies in the world outsource to the Philippines.
What skills do the Virtual Assistants already have?
Our Virtual Assistants are knowledgeable in email inbox management, appointment scheduling, social media management, outbound calling, research, data entry, and more. Talk to us to discuss your needs.
What's included in the pricing above?
We provide you with the phone for your Virtual Assistants to use, and all the necessary tools to reach your desired prospects or perform your tasks. All of our Virtual Assistants are in an office, not from home, which means you have better results since they are under constant monitoring by our staff.  We can also use your tools, such as CRM and phone.
How does the pricing work?
Pick a weekly, or a bi-weekly plan based on the number of hours you need. Your Virtual Assistant will proactively make sure they’re helping in additional areas to make sure they’re maximizing those hours. Hours do not roll over, you have to use them or lose them.
Are there any long term contracts?
We do not have any contracts whatsoever. Pay as you go
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