How It Works

Step 1: Introduction

Introduce your busy friends, family members and colleagues to Your Good Call.

Step 2: Learn More

We'll get your friends up to speed on how a Virtual Assistant can make their lives easier, answer any questions and help them get started.

Step 3: Sign Up

You'll earn a $50 account credit every time a friend joins the Your Good Call community. We'll also apply $25 to your friend's account as a special welcome from you!

Referral FAQs

When will I see my credit?

Referral credit is applied 30 days after your referral candidate signs up and uses the service. You'll see the credit on your billing statement.

Is there a maximum limit to the amount I can earn?

Nope, never. We want to meet your whole busy crew and reward you for every referral.

Can I give my credit to my friend?

Yes. If you'd prefer to gift your friend your referral credit, just let the Support Team know and we'll make it happen!

We love helping entrepreneurs succeed.

See what they say

My business and their service fit like a glove.

I like the fact that there are no long term agreements. I work on my own pace.

It is a shrewd method to oversee travel expenses and monitor every one of my costs. It truly makes my life a lot simpler now that my VA is taking care of it.

The customer support level is the best I've seen from the Philippines ;)

Thanks so much for doing a great job!! Our VA is on point.

I like that my VA keeps me abreast via instant messenger.

OMG. This is astounding. I'm not terrible, but not great either so upbeat! I didn't question you yet this turned out stunningly better than I had envisioned! I love my VA :) Easy platform to use, extremely good team of workers and nothing but incredible results!

One specific word rings a bell while depicting my experience: smooth

We worked with YOU to upgrade our productivity, and we couldn't be more joyful with our choice!

You folks!!! This is incredible. It's excellent and great… needed to react by saying the amount I love it.

Seamless experience!!!

I know our inhouse appointment setters were great, but for the amount of money we are spending with you, it's way cost effective and more prospects are reached.

I like that I can scale and grow my coaching business within your organization without having to outlay crazy expenses.

I like that you guys dont force bonuses on us to give to the VA's and that its at our discretion. Thanks!!

I liked the fact that I could spend the time training the agents once and without having to retrain if the agent has a backup.

I feel bad for replacing my inhouse team. At this rate, I ll have my 4th VA very shortly.

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